Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I know this is extremely typical for the beginning of a new year- BUT I am one of those thousands of people who has set health goals, starting back on January 1st.

During my last semester at SIUE, I was very diligent about going to the gym. I was on campus 4 days a week, so I was in the gym 4 days a week.
It felt great to stick with the goal to workout everyday, I set some other goals....but I didn't reach any of them. I could tell that I had more energy and started to feel a little better in general, but it was still incredibly frustrating to put in all the time and effort only to fall short.

I wanted more. More change, more goals reached, more confidence, but I had no idea what else I could do (without spending a shit ton of money).
After driving past many, strategically placed gym signs, advertising "new year, all time low rates" I decided it was worth my money to join a place here in Saint Louis (even though I am Still paying for SIUE's gym. Because colleges are awesome like that).
One welcome tour and free meeting with a personal trainer later, I was hooked. Again, I knew that if I wanted more results I would need help, from a trainer, which would also mean spending more cash. I went for it.

Student teaching, which I am currently attempting to get through, is my final step for school. Because of the added responsibility and the early mornings, I've been able to tie together my health goals with teaching. No more weekly drinking (minus snow days, of course!) and healthy lunches everyday.

With so much work to do for the school, setting specific times and days for the gym has been crucial-and beneficial. Such a creature of habit and OCD enough that I desperately need a routine to stick with something.
I met Marlo, paid for a month of working with her and she is kicking my ass! Assignments, nutrition discussions, the works. She's fucking awesome.

Yoga 2 days a week has already made me feel miles better. The anxiety from teaching in Cahokia has diminished-which is huge. For years I have missed taking actual classes -lead by a good teacher-and to be able to get back into Finally feels amazing!

Three weeks have past and I already feel better. These snow days are actually messing with me, throwing me off my weekly routine.
Spending the extra cash I have on my membership and for Marlo instead of on man-cans of PBR has been a nice trade off. Still, thinking about how expensive it is for the help and support to build a new and improved healthy lifestyle is depressing. I have almost completely eliminated spending on "going out"- food, drinks, shows...everything, just so I can pay for what I want from the gym. Which is fine. I'm happy with those choices, for now. I know in the summer when I am freed from school, ready to travel and have some fun this may be a different story.

Marlo may fall to the wayside for awhile, later on. Hopefully what I learn from her in this first month, and maybe a second one as well, I will be able to use myself.

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