Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Next! The lovely Jen and her food statement!

I love eating and making food 'cause it tastes good! I make it a point to go to a new restaurant at least 2 or 3 times a month. I always try something new. Actually I was wanting to start a food blog this year, but alas...my laziness stepped in the way. =]

I like taking classic or traditional recipes and adding my own ingredients and twists to it. I always take a picture of stuff I order or make, because it's pretty much food porn. Heh. Also, because I can look back at it and say, "Damn, that was really good, I should make that again." I am not a vegetarian but I prefer vegetarian dishes. It's more of a challenge, as meat is usually what meals are based around.

Cooking is kind of an outlet. I enjoy when I can come home from work, unwind and make something and feed a few people. I love nothing more than homemade soup in the winter, and Indian & Mediterranean dishes are my favorite to make!

I think food is very important in the sense that it brings people together. Parties, dates, family gatherings...it is not only a need but a source of entertainment, conversation, healing and comfort. People love food. I mean...there is a Food Network on TV! (Don't even get me STARTED on cake decorating!)

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