Monday, June 21, 2010

Lady Chef Deux

Here is a reason why tattoos are awesome: About two months ago (as I was planning my move to stl) the RFT ran an article about local food artists and their body art. They featured quite a few chefs, most of which had very obvious foodie tattoos, but one individual had a robin tattoo on her arm. Very detailed and beautiful, the robin symbolizing spring (as far as I remember).
Almost immediately moving to the city I discovered the bar The Silver Ballroom, and consequently one evening ran into the robin adorned chef named Mary. I told her about my blog and surprising, we were still able to exchange info! So, (sorry for the long intro) here is Mary's story!

I was pretty young when I noticed that I have exceptionally discerning senses of smell and taste. Dirty shoes, in addition to feet, also smell a little buttery- weird. Also, when someone's fingers touch the ice in your drink, the oil makes it taste a little coppery. Scotch whiskey, and sometimes Kentucky bourbon, has a certain bandaid-ointment undertone. Unoaking chardonnay is weak. I could go on. So I would eat literally anything- always. A favorite of mine at age 2 was white chalk. I'm still a huge fan of cottage cheese and tuna fish.
Seriously, from lima beans, collard/mustard greens, brussels sprouts, onions or avocado to squid, octopus, goat, name it- all that classic stuff that "kids don't like" (or won't try), I loved it all. It's not often I meet a taste I can't find a way to enjoy.
That's how I always knew I loved to cook. I like to use and create tastes that you wouldn't think could compliment each other and prove the senses wrong or take them by surprise.
My favorite recipe is this crazy chicken salad with pears and apples, green onions, horseradish and coarse mustard, little mayo and oil, lemon juice, salt, white pepper and little white sugar- topped with fresh cherries with a touch of brown sugar and salt, garnished with fresh mint. People are like, "What is THAT, there's a little kick in there." Then, "There's horseradish in here?! I don't even LIKE horseradish!" See? You just never found it's purpose for you.
And to anyone who thinks they don't like something- bleu cheese is a good example- never say never!

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