Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ga'bye June!

I needed to have at least one official "THANK YOU!!!!" post for everyone that helped with the blog. I hope everyone who has been following will keep checking in! I'm really glad this class motivated me to start this and I guess I shouldn't be ending June on such a lame ass note, but I totally feel gross and lame today.
I've used "I'm moving" as my excuse to do as little physical activity as possible and eat the worst food as possible for, uh, 1.5 months now? Bleh. If you read through the stories and comments, the thing almost all have in common is the level of frustration. Buying smart and eating stupid, getting thrown out of good habits by stupid little things and finding that getting back on track makes you want to punch things.
I have yet to fully get "back into the swing of things" (do people still say that??) since the move and that bothers me. I may be eating relatively well but being a ginormous couch potato cancels all that out. DAMN YOU NETFLIX STREAMING VIA MY WII!!
I told myself after my summer classes I could focus more on being an entirely, well-rounded healthy normal person again, and that is exactly what I intend to do. I guess that is where this blog will be going??? Plus recipes!! Yay!

ANNNNND I will be posting pix and links to Lots of pix from the Naked Bike Ride soon!
Thanks again everyone! <3


  1. Girl! I know exactly what you mean.

    I'm trying to get on a new "regime," eating whole foods as much as possible, raw cheeses, organic veggies, but I can't justify spending the money when my mom (currently) pays for my non-raw cheese!

    I've been chalking up my poor eating habits to "moving" for like 5 months, but in my defense, that's two BIG moves in there.

    And now you're moving again. :(

    And it is just constantly frustrating that anything good/real to eat costs so much to buy.
    Thank god that it's garden season, that always helps a little. :)