Monday, June 21, 2010


Later, I would like to have specific posts of foods friends have made and then pictures of foodie tattoos.
For now, I'm mixing the two.



So long ago...


  1. yo, i'm not sure how to make a general comment, so i thought i would just comment on this! (needing to study but i love procrastination) sooo, you mentioned that it was the last chance to turn it in, so here you go. One day, I ate an entire medium veggie lovers pizza from dominos, the most amazing pizza of my life. and i realized the next day, that i need to change my life and diet. well, now i am(or maybe i always was) obsessed with food. i think about it all the time, it's terrible. i consider myself to be a healthy girl, however, me and food do NOT have a healthy relationship. i don't have an eating disorder or anything, i eat plenty, but i think about food all the time, it BLOWS! i have the issue of -i can't taste something unless i plan on having all of it- becuase i don't connection of "i'm full, i guess i'll stop eating" > that has never happened to me. it's quite the bummer

  2. I may be too late for your assignment, sorry!

    #1. I remember that picture of you cooking in our kitchen. So fun!

    #2. I can relate to the "morning after" realization that current way of eating is not healthy. Over the past few years I've been trying to generally eat more healthy, but I made quite a few exceptions for myself this past semester. When summer came and my activity level dropped I didn't cut back and now am paying the price! However, NOW my slightly bigger flab, along with my sister's mention of doing a triathlon has me super motivated! Of course, I'm borderline obsessed for the time being, but this is how I have been at first. (I did a similar thing after my freshman year of college) The good thing about it is when I began logging my food and exercise, I found I'm not getting even close to all the nutrients I need (And WAY too much sugar, apparently fruit isn't a cure all). I'm not completely changing the way I eat, just making a few substitutions. So I plan to get a good vitamin and am looking forward to seeing my changes pay off over the next month and a half!

  3. None of these are too late! Thanks you guys!

  4. The last picture of me is from the Bleeding Deacon. They have AMAZING food, lots of veggie and vegan options too. This is their veggie is gargantuan and delicious.