Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eating Eggs- Oops!

@Philsaurus is my good friend K who is has contributed much to this blog at the beginning. What you don't know is she actually has written Even More! that I simply neglected in my inbox and now I feel lame.
So, here is an old lil tid bit from Kelsey:

Eating eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

One of the important dietary things I’ve learned that I must do since (I’m a hypoglycemic: @FIRST BRAVE SOUL, is balance my carbs (which break down into sugars) with proteins (in order to slow
the process. Get this! It’s good for everyone! Here are a few tips.

My fave breakfast as of late is to make some oatmeal, toss in a peach (or blueberries, or whatever
fruit you have on hand), and a dollop of peanut butter (the organic, whole food version is
obviously the best choice). If you need more sweetness, add a bit of honey (organic! organic! no
added sugars) or cinnamon. In addition to this yum yum breakfast, I generally toss an egg or two
in a skillet and serve ‘em up over-easy.

Today I indulged a little bit for lunch and found a sweet sushi joint around the corner. Sushi was
probably the hardest thing about going veg for me. I knew there were options, but really… who
wants to nom an asparagus roll when everyone else gets spicy tuna? So I avoided sushi upon my
return from Istanbul, which is when I stopped cheating (mostly, upcoming blog on my biggest
cheat ever). Then I discovered this wonderful roll at Nori’s in Edwardsville that involves yams
in place of fish. FINALLY! A substantial sushi roll! I think I ate it every other day for a week
until one day, when I was badly craving sushi and Nori’s was closed, I went to Edwardsville’s
other sushi restaurant, Wasabi. I was ready to be disappointed with my asparagus roll, but
frankly my craving was just that bad. And then, suddenly, a bright light shined down on the
menu and I was rewarded for all the good deeds I’ve done in my life: Wasabi had a tamago roll.

Egg + sushi = a combination so delectable it could double as a healthy dinner and dessert

Other egg editions to lunch are, of course, adding one to a salad or, if you have other materials,
slicing one up on a sandwich.

Generally if I’m making dinner (lately I haven’t done much of this since I’ve been on the road),
I’m creating some sort of hodge-podge stir-fry. The one below entails brown rice, some carrots,
green onions, mushrooms, and a hard boiled egg or two. I can’t stress enough how much the egg
adds! In fairness, my mother doesn’t dig it as much, but she’s more of a eggs-for-breakfast kind
of gal.

In addition to establishing the balance, eggs also provide beneficial fats (gasp! the f word! fear
not! when I say beneficial, I mean it!).

Here’s a great recipe for egg salad that I’m dying to try (found via

The recipe for the egg salad is simple:
1. Bring one egg to a boil in a saucepan. Simmer for 10 minutes.
2. Cool egg under running water, peel, and chop or mash with a fork.
3. Add 1 tsp Vegenaise and 1 tsp unsweetened pickle relish.

OH! And remember to keep ‘em farm fresh kids!

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